If you have already chosen us as your future university, you just have to take a few simple steps.
We have done everything to make the process of enrolling in BHMS convenient and simple. There are a number of requirements that we set for students. Read, if you still have questions, just contact us, we will tell you more about each item.

List of documents for admission:

  1. A completed application form. Here are samples - for applicants for undergraduate programs (BHMS Undergraduate Application), for applicants for graduate programs, MBA and Postgraduate Diplom (BHMS Graduate Application) and for the summer program (BHMS Summer Application).
  2. Original school certificate or higher education diploma (translated into English).
  3. Results of IELTS, TOEFL or estpodium (level 2)
  4. Letters of recommendation from teachers and / or employers
  5. Motivation letter
  6. Photocopy of a valid passport
  7. Personal portrait photo
  8. CV (resume)
  9. Proof of financial solvency (for a year, taking into account pocket expenses)
If at any stage of preparation of documents you have any questions, just contact our regional manager BHMS

How to enroll ( 7 steps):

  1. You fill out a questionnaire and provide all the necessary documents to the BHMS representative in your region
  2. We issue a Letter of Acceptance
  3. You pay the reservation fee to the university account
  4. We send confirmation of receipt of payment
  5. You apply for a visa at the nearest Swiss embassy
  6. After the approval of the visa, you pay the rest of the tuition fee and receive a visa stamp at the embassy
  7. Book a flight to Zurich and arrive to study with us

How much does it cost to study at BHMS

Tuition fees are calculated in Swiss francs (CHF). The total cost of the course includes tuition fees, registration fee, accommodation in a common studio room, meals and money for operating expenses.
Operating expenses include a B permit and local tax, compulsory medical insurance for 12 months, airport pick-up (for new students only), access to the student's personal account. And also: all the necessary training materials, the search for a paid internship (it is guaranteed), excursions and employment at the end of the course.
For an additional fee, the student can be accommodated in a twin room, single room or single studio apartment. The supplement will be between CHF 1800 and CHF 7500.

When the classes starts?

What else you need to know about BHMS

Studying at B.H.M.S. is interesting, prestigious, and profitable. Partnerships with top UK universities and international accreditations open the doors of our graduates to any company around the world. Annual guaranteed internships in Switzerland and abroad will allow you to consolidate the acquired skills and earn money. We guarantee the employment of our graduates around the world.
The school itself is located in the center of the most visited city in Switzerland - Lucerne. Students will have something to do both during and after their studies. We pay special attention to the development of talents and the disclosure of the potential of students. The skills they learn from us can be useful to them in any field of employment.
We have no hidden fees or commissions. The price of training, which is indicated in your contract, will remain unchanged until its completion. There will be no unpleasant surprises.

Additional materials about BHMS

If you need to think about or tell your relatives about our school for advice, download these files. In them you will find all the information you need, numbers and links.
Briefly and schematically about all B.H.M.S. programs, prices and start dates
About B.H.M.S. in detaiols, history and location of the university, our students and alumni, as well as details of all training courses
Everything about the B.H.M.S. Culinary Academy, chefs, university curriculum and alumni success
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