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BHMS Business and Hotel Management Institution, located in the center of Lucerne, is part of the Bénédict Switzerland Group, founded in 1928. It is one of the largest private educational institutions in Switzerland, with more than 15,000 students annually.


The four «pillars» at BHMS are quality education, assured internship, personal development and international career placement. Each pillar plays a key role in our mission to provide the growing global hospitality and service management industry with quality employees, who are eager to demonstrate their management potential. Quality academic education, as the first pillar, gives students the academic and theoretical knowledge. Assured internship, as the second pillar, allows students to apply the knowledge into practice on the job. Personal and professional development, the third and most important pillar, provides students with soft and social skills and discipline that motivates students, guides them, strengthens them and ultimately drives them to succeed. The successful outcome of all three pillars leads to the fourth pillar, a successful career placement. BHMS has its own placement company «Masterwork» which assists all graduates to gain their first international career position.
What makes us special?
  • What Makes Us Special?
    The Benedict Education Group
    The BHMS Business & Hotel Management School is part of the Benedict Education Group, one of Switzerland’s oldest and largest Higher Education institutions. The Bénédict Education Group has 8 campuses in Switzerland and over 15,000 parttime and full-time students and professionals studying at its premises every year. Worldwide over 50 schools are part of the Benedict Group
  • What Makes Us Special?
    Transferable Skills
    Transferable skills are abilities and talents that are relevant and useful across different areas of life: socially, professionally and at school. Teamwork, leadership, personal motivation, organization, time management, listening, multi-cultural empathy, communication and using information technology are all embedded in the DNA of the BHMS education system.
  • What Makes Us Special?
    Unique 5-week term system
    At the BHMS Business & Hotel Management School, we have implemented a unique system of education by dividing a 20-week semester into four mini-terms of 5 weeks each. This system enables students to focus on only 4 to 5 academic subjects at one time instead of the usual 8-10 subjects in other hotel schools
  • What Makes Us Special?
    Fast-track Swiss-British Dual Degrees
    The BHMS Business & Hotel Management School, together with the Robert Gordon University ( RGU ) and the York St. John University ( YSJ ), has designed fast track BA, M.Sc. and MBA degrees in Switzerland without compromising quality. The BHMSRGU Dual BA Degree (with three specialization pathways) may be completed within a 36-month period while the BHMS-RGU Dual M.Sc. Degree (with two specialization pathways) may be completed within a 12-month period. The BHMS-YSJ Dual MBA Degree may be completed within 6 months study followed by 4-6 months of Swiss internship or work experience.
  • What Makes Us Special?
    In the Heart of Lucerne City
    The BHMS Business & Hotel Management School campus has 5 buildings located in the heart of Lucerne city; City Campus, Gibraltarstrasse 34, Sentipark, St. Karliquai and Baselstrasse 57. The City Campus, the main student residence, is situated right beside the historical quarter of Lucerne, by the famous river Reuss with the four other campus buildings within a 4-minute walking distance.


Graduates of BHMS Business and Hotel Management Institution undergraduate and graduate programs receive double degrees - Swiss and British, issued by Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen, one of the top universities in the UK. This provides a significant advantage in future employment and opens up new doors. Each of the two degrees has its own value for employers.
BHMS MBA program is co-developed with York St John University, and its graduates also receive Swiss and British degrees with a choice of specializations: Hospitality, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, or International Marketing.
Graduate of BHMS Business and Hotel Management Institution receive a dual Swiss-British degree.
We chose Robert Gordon University as a partner because it is ranked among the top UK universities according to The Times Higher Education Student Experience 2018 and consistently ranks high on The Times, The Guardian and The Complete Top Universities lists.
Main campus Robert Gordon University

Accreditation of BHMS

BHMS is accredited by the leading specialized American association for accreditation of business schools and programs, EduQua of Switzerland, in accordance with cantonal and federal law, which is Swiss "quality mark" of educational institutions, in addition, we are officially the Swiss Federal College of Higher Education in the field of Tourism, Hospitality and Restaurant Business.


BHMS campus is located in the heart of picturesque Lucerne. Our four buildings are within walking distance of each other.
  1. The Lakefront Center stands directly opposite the city's main train station and shares a building with the Radisson Blu Hotel.
  2. City Campus is the main residence of BHMS students and staff, which opened its doors in 2016. There is also a student restaurant on the ground floor.
  3. The Sentipark is a modern building that houses new classrooms and student rooms for about 60 people, while the cozy adjoining Gibraltar building has several more auditoriums.
  4. Baselstrassе 57 is the first building of the BHMS Business and Hotel Management School, which today is the residential residence of some of the students.

Life at BHMS

Every week our entertainment department comes up with something new for the kids: riding on catamarans or horses, excursions to nature reserves, yoga classes, BBQ, sports competitions - we know how important is to fill into a new team and have fun to spend free time.


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